Dedicated Advisors for Customized Visa Assistance

Offering bespoke visa advice for global students, enhancing approval probabilities. At Pathway International Education Consultancy, we pave the way for triumphant visa applications, providing individualized assistance to all. Unlocking Your Global Academic Journey begins here.

Scholarship Support for Global Scholars

Pathway International Education Consultancy aids students in navigating and applying for scholarships, ensuring that top-tier education is within reach for Nepal's aspirants. Let us guide you in Unlocking Your Global Academic Journey through financial opportunities.
About Us

Pathway International Education

Pathway International Education Pvt. Ltd. is established with a translucent motive to provide quality service to students whose endeavor is to earn qualification form overseas and has gained a fair amount of recognition nation-wide. Established on 26 Feb 2014 AD by a group of experienced, motivated and driven professionals it is trail blazed by its own goal of providing global quality service to students who aspire to perpetuate studies overseas. We are a well-recognized and aptly certified entity by the Ministry of education in Nepal.

Our Mission

At Pathway International Education, we are committed to empowering students worldwide through our customized and all-encompassing educational consultancy solutions. Our primary objective is to guide them towards academic achievement while unlocking a myriad of global prospects.


Explore Your Destinations with Pathway International:

What We Provide

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Visa Advisory Services

At Pathway International Education Consultancy, we guide you through the intricacies of visa processes, ensuring a smoother path. Begin Unlocking Your Global Academic Journey with our expert guidance.
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Document Assistance

Rely on Pathway International Education Consultancy for meticulous document guidance. Your journey to Unlocking Your Global Academic Experience starts with perfect paperwork.
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Test Preparation

Pathway International Education Consultancy offers comprehensive preparation courses to gear you up for your international educational pursuits. IELTS, PTE, TOFEL test and preparation classes.
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University & College

At Pathway International Education Consultancy, we're dedicated to facilitating your admission into esteemed universities and colleges worldwide. Join us in making your academic dreams a reality.
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Scholarship Navigation Support

Turn to Pathway International Education Consultancy for expert guidance in discovering and securing scholarships. We're committed to helping you find financial opportunities that aid in Unlocking Global Academic. Let us light the path to your scholarship success.
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Visa Application Support

Visa application process can be intricate. With Pathway International Education Consultancy by your side, we simplify the lodgment procedure for you. As you embark on Unlocking Your Global Academic Journey, trust our expertise for a seamless visa submission experience.

Understanding Our Comprehensive Approach at Pathway International

With us, every step is crafted to optimize your chances and guide you seamlessly in Unlocking Your Global Academic Journey.

Personalized Academic Counseling

Our journey starts with understanding your goals. We delve deep into your academic aspirations, offering insights and direction tailored specifically for you.

Course & University Selection

Harnessing our extensive database and expertise, we align you with courses and institutions that not only match your career aspirations but also your personal interests and preferences.

Application Mastery

From documentation to submission, we ensure that every facet of your application process is managed with utmost precision and care, increasing your chances of acceptance.

Our Objective at Pathway International

At Pathway International Education Consultancy, our primary goal is to illuminate the path for ambitious students seeking global educational experiences. We're driven by the vision of creating accessible, transformative opportunities for every student, ensuring they find the right fit academically, culturally, and personally. By offering expert guidance, tailored solutions, and unwavering support, we aim to be the bridge that helps students cross international boundaries and unlock their fullest academic potential. Embrace the journey with us as we commit to "Unlocking Your Global Academic Journey" together.

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